Once you have made the important decision to create a will, it's vital that you ensure the safety of your legal documents to enable you to leave clear instructions on the distribution of your estate. In the emotional and distressing time when a loved one dies, a will that has been misplaced or lost can cause unnecessary stress for your family and loved ones. Furthermore, if anything happens to your will or if it cannot be found, the courts could declare the will invalid or distribute your assets as if you had died without a will. At Enfortro, we are able to offer you a safe storage solution for your will and other important documents such as Lasting Powers of Attorney, protecting them from fire, theft and flooding.

Why choose Enfortro?

With Enfortro, you can benefit from complete peace of mind as to the safety of your legal documents with a fully insured, climate-controlled professional storage facility with comprehensive insurance against loss, flood and fire damage. We also include registration with the National Will Database to ensure that your will can be located when needed by your family, in addition to a storage certificate for you and executor storage certificates for your chosen executors, when the time comes.

How much does secure document storage cost?

A small annual fee for document storage is paid by direct debit:

  • For an individual, the cost is £24.99 per annum

  • For a couple, the cost is £39.99 per annum

This annual fee includes free amendments for life which is perfect for ensuring your will is up-to-date as circumstances change during your lifetime for you and the people within your will.

In the last few years, the adequacy of will writing and estate planning services has received significant scepticism due to some companies charging extortionate fees, creating documents which were not legally binding or even losing documents despite being paid a fee for secure storage. At Enfortro, we are completely committed to your satisfaction as a fully qualified and insured will writing and estate planning service provider. We promise to, at all times, act in your best interests, provide a proper standard of service, and behave in a way which maintains your ongoing trust.

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